Plastics è un'azienda solida in cui alcuni lavoratori sono presenti da decenni

What helps make a company a solid reality?

Trusted partners present in the company from decades

The solidity of a company is understood by some factors, one of which is the constant and decennial presence of some collaborators.

When you meet a reality of this kind you can be sure that the company has well rooted foundations and probably was also a clever and good ally for its employees.

This is the reality we can meet at the Plastics of Limana, where some workers have been in the company for decades.

Work there for them is like being part of a great family and work well help grow this reality that they feel like their own.

Plastics is well rooted within the industrial fabric of the plastic materials and for more than fifty years it gave work to many workers; fifty of them currently present in the company.

As already specified, some of them have been present for decades and participate to make business state-of-the-art.

Can count on valid and trusted collaborators for a company is an anchorage, because they carry with them all the experience and knowledge acquired in many years of work, transmitting the highest ideals of the company.