THE CERTIFICATION OF PLASTICSPlastics is a solid and state-of-art company and to keep faith with these characteristics, performs a whole series of actions that allow it to be counted among the best in companies of this sector. One of the things that makes Plastics is to keep always valid and update their certifications.

The most important is the ISO 9001, that in march of this year Plastics has succeeded to maintain its own, or better the has been updated her with that of 2015.

Few companies have been able to comply therewith to today, and for Plastics this is a great source of pride.

But Plastics can boast of having also other certifications that are the IMQ and VDE.

While the ISO 9001 is a system certification, and thus belongs to the general productive system, the IMQ and VDE are product certifications, then relate to the individual product.

In fact on every single product certificate is stamped with the trademark of the aforesaid certifications so the customer can directly see the guarantee of the quality of the product.