Nascono nuove idee alla Plastics

The new ideas that are born from Plastics

In March of this year Plastics went to the fair in Düsseldorf, the Euroshop, equipping its own stand and presenting their products.

Two of them were still prototypes, but they have had great success and Plastics is trying to accelerate time to make them available as soon as possible for customers.

These are two different types of plug that thanks to their special characteristics have affected many customers.

The first is a plug-socket IP65 (also in the points of insertion of the plug-socket) Single Cable bipolar (not two cables) with hooking tooth and of very small dimensions.

Its maximum length, with plug and socket coupled could be around 30mm.

This is the main characteristic of this new connector that makes it unique and attractive.

At today, where even in the field of refrigeration are present design products, presenting products small and easily manageable even in confined spaces is important.

This allows manufacturers to industrial refrigerators they design also on the basis of a particular form and not only to their functionality.

The second is a pin created especially for some types of engines for EBM ventilation that has the same connection of the motor itself.