Nascono nuove idee alla Plastics


The new ideas that are born from Plastics

In March of this year Plastics went to the fair in Düsseldorf, the Euroshop, equipping its own stand and presenting their products.

Two of them were still prototypes, but they have had great success and Plastics is trying to accelerate time to make them available as soon as possible for customers.

These are two different types of plug that thanks to their special characteristics have affected many customers.

The first is a plug-socket IP65 (also in the points of insertion of the plug-socket) Single Cable bipolar (not two cables) with hooking tooth and of very small dimensions.

Its maximum length, with plug and socket coupled could be around 30mm.

This is the main characteristic of this new connector that makes it unique and attractive.

At today, where even in the field of refrigeration are present design products, presenting products small and easily manageable even in confined spaces is important.

This allows manufacturers to industrial refrigerators they design also on the basis of a particular form and not only to their functionality.

The second is a pin created especially for some types of engines for EBM ventilation that has the same connection of the motor itself.



THE CERTIFICATION OF PLASTICSPlastics is a solid and state-of-art company and to keep faith with these characteristics, performs a whole series of actions that allow it to be counted among the best in companies of this sector. One of the things that makes Plastics is to keep always valid and update their certifications.

The most important is the ISO 9001, that in march of this year Plastics has succeeded to maintain its own, or better the has been updated her with that of 2015.

Few companies have been able to comply therewith to today, and for Plastics this is a great source of pride.

But Plastics can boast of having also other certifications that are the IMQ and VDE.

While the ISO 9001 is a system certification, and thus belongs to the general productive system, the IMQ and VDE are product certifications, then relate to the individual product.

In fact on every single product certificate is stamped with the trademark of the aforesaid certifications so the customer can directly see the guarantee of the quality of the product.



tuv 500Plastics obtained the update of certification ISO 9001 of 2015. The ISO 9001 is the standard more wide spread for Quality Management Systems. The ISO 9001 is the reference legislation for those who want to subject to quality control their production process in a cyclic way.

All legislation concerning the management systems is subject to periodic revision in order to keep it up to date and in line with the needs of the market and in general of all interested parties.

From September 2015 has released a new update to which few companies still have adequate.

One of these is Plastics that in the month of March has obtained certification again after a series of inspection visits.

They start from the definition of the requirements (expressed and not) of customers, arriving up to the monitoring of the whole path/production process.

The customer, its satisfaction and safety in the working environment are at the center of the ISO 9001; every activity, application and monitoring of the activities/processes are indeed times to determine the maximum satisfaction of the final user.

The steps of applying the rule depart from the definition of procedures and records for every single process or macro identified process inside the organization.

For companies the accreditation allows to place themselves with more impact on the market.

The possession of a conformity assessment accredited operates as a competitive added value, from the presumption of conformity with the legislation in certain sectors, to strengthen the credibility of its offer toward the market business and consumer access to foreign markets without having to overcome additional controls.

The achievement of a certification under accreditation is also the outcome of a process that involves all the functions of an organization, also in terms of commitment and awareness.

In this manner the entire structure leaves it actually strengthened in terms of impulse to productivity and management of internal and external risks.

Plastics is proud to have reached this goal very much in advance with respect to the others because it puts us as always at the forefront and enhances our strength and our character
Beatrice Fregona

Plastics è un'azienda solida in cui alcuni lavoratori sono presenti da decenni


What helps make a company a solid reality?

Trusted partners present in the company from decades

The solidity of a company is understood by some factors, one of which is the constant and decennial presence of some collaborators.

When you meet a reality of this kind you can be sure that the company has well rooted foundations and probably was also a clever and good ally for its employees.

This is the reality we can meet at the Plastics of Limana, where some workers have been in the company for decades.

Work there for them is like being part of a great family and work well help grow this reality that they feel like their own.

Plastics is well rooted within the industrial fabric of the plastic materials and for more than fifty years it gave work to many workers; fifty of them currently present in the company.

As already specified, some of them have been present for decades and participate to make business state-of-the-art.

Can count on valid and trusted collaborators for a company is an anchorage, because they carry with them all the experience and knowledge acquired in many years of work, transmitting the highest ideals of the company.

The new offices of Cesa


The new offices of Cesa

Since September the new offices of Plastics have moved from the historic location in via Papa Luciani to via Bracalenti, still in Limana.

If you will happen to pass you will have the opportunity to see for yourself the splendid work done.

The new offices are modern, dynamics and colorful, they make location very tempting and comfortable completely reflecting the personality and charisma of two owners.

The new location allow the administration to be closer to the production department in order  to solve the eventual problems in the best way.

Passion is the pivot around which everything revolves in Plastics and this new location enhances it.

Plastics at the euroshop in Düsseldorf


From 05 to 09 March Plastics will be present at the Euroshop in Düsseldorf fair with its own stand.

They will welcome former customers with the usual curtesy and professionality , willing to listen to their needs and looking for good solution.

They will be happy to meet new customers too or people interested in more information about the company and the variety of products it produces, customizing the personal needs.

The Düsseldorf fair is a hub of international importance where the most important and interesting international companies  in the field of furniture for shops converge.

Participate to the Euroshop in Düsseldorf is for Plastics a great opportunity to exhibit their products, transmitting their own wisdom of many decades in field of industrial lighting and ventilation.