Plastic parts and accessories for air conditioners

Plastics produces plastic parts and accessories for both large-scale industrial air conditioners for businesses, industries, warehouses and large spaces, and smaller domestic conditioners.

All the advantages of working with Plastics

  1. Plastics can help you create plastic parts for air conditioners, even with highly complex geometries, thanks to its experienced design team;
  2. Its precision mechanics workshop and state-of-the-art machinery guarantee high productivity and the highest quality standards;
  3. Production costs are consistently low because it uses the latest, most efficient machinery;
  4. It can produce plastic parts for very small air conditioners;
  5. It uses a wide variety of different plastics.

Production and costs

Find out more about Plastics production capacity, product guarantees and costs by writing directly to our Head of Sales at

Why you should choose Plastics

When you work with Plastics, you are assisted throughout every stage of the design and production process, from your initial feasibility study to your 3D design.

The Plastics Technical Department will always make a sample mould before producing the actual one. And after production, it continues to support its customers all the way through to after-sales.


Contact our Technical Department and ask for a quote.


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