PLASTICS is your number one manufacturer of moulds and moulded plastic parts

Plastics is the leader in Italy in the plastic injection molding sector in the industrial sector.

Plastic eyewear components

Plastics is a specialist manufacturer of plastic eyewear products, including components, small parts and accessories for any kind of eyewear.

Moulded plastic parts for the pharmaceutical sector

Plastics is a specialist manufacturer of aluminium moulds and moulded plastic products for the pharmaceutical and medical sector. Its production facility is in Limana in the province of Belluno, in the heart of the Dolomites.

Plastic injection moulding for the industrial refrigeration sector

Plastics is one of the leading names in Italy for plastic injection moulding for industrial refrigeration, industrial refrigerators and refrigerated counters, with a production capacity able to meet the needs of large and medium-sized companies.

Moulded plastic parts for the electrical sector

Plastics is an Italian designer and manufacturer of moulds; it has almost 60 years’ experience making moulds and moulded plastic parts for a large number of sectors, including the electrical sector.

Plastic parts and accessories for air conditioners

Plastics produces plastic parts and accessories for both large-scale industrial air conditioners for businesses, industries, warehouses and large spaces, and smaller domestic conditioners.

Moulded plastic accessories for the furniture sector

Plastics has been a leading manufacturer of moulded plastic products for the global market for nearly 60 years. It builds aluminium moulds for plastic accessories and small plastic components for interior and exterior furnishings, as well as plastic finishes for any kind of furniture.


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your number one manufacturer of moulds and moulded plastic parts